CHI St. Vincent establishes first of its kind recovery program in Arkansas

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Arkansans seeking recovery from drugs and alcohol often have to leave the state in order to find a treatment center with an open bed. 

Some people end up going through detox and then have nowhere to go get treatment. Sadly, this is when overdoses tend to happen.

A new treatment option in Central Arkansas is hoping to meet that need by offering a unique approach to recovery.                

What was once a labor and delivery ward is now a place of hope for those battling drug and alcohol addiction.

“We are excited to bring this opportunity to the people of Arkansas,” said CHI St. Vincent Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Gerry Jones.

CHI St. Vincent has partnered with Bradford Health Services to develop a first of its kind addiction recovery program in the state.

“From the original conception of the idea, which was literally penciled on the back of a napkin, to the actual implementation it has taken us about two years,” said Dr. Jones.

It’s an idea, born out of necessity.

“Traditionally we have been limited in the accessibility in getting treatment in the state of Arkansas,” said Dori Haddock, Program Director at CHI St. Vincent and Regional Director of Bradford Health Services.

Dori Haddock with Bradford Health Services said what makes this program so unique is that it acts as a one-stop-shop for those seeking recovery. The program offers everything from detox to longer term residential stays  to outpatient treatment, with the added benefit of being in a hospital.

“We have a full nursing staff and patient care techs so we are really able to treat the patient completely, holistically,” said Haddock. “They can come here and get treatment and if they subsequent medical problems we can just take them to the unit that they need to get a test done or procedure completed and come back to the unit.”

Delivery rooms have been transformed into inpatient suites and the nursery is now being utilized for therapy.

Haddock said right now they are taking baby steps because of Covid-19, but are hopeful to serve more patients soon.

“When we are at full capacity, which we hope to be by the summer, if not before, we will have 30 residential beds and we will have 10 detox beds,” said Dori Haddock.  

A place where so many lives once began, now a place where new beginnings are born.

“We are letting people start their lives over again here, in recovery,” said Haddock.

As part of the program, patients can get up to 90 days of care at the center,  including detox. They can follow-up, up to a year or more as part of the outpatient program.

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