LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – First through 8th graders from throughout central Arkansas gathered in Little Rock for a chess tournament Saturday morning.

The critical thinkers, problem solvers and readers, or CPR Chess Club aims to create a love of the game, and increase the mental abilities of young people.

Saturday’s 6-round tournament took place at the Mosaic Church Event Center on University Avenue.

Third grader Vann Benn said that he likes checkers because it requires you to think ahead.

“Chess is like you have to plan ahead and stuff, checkers is a lot more simple but it is kind of alike, because you have to think ahead,” Been stated.

CPR Chess Club found Georgia Morris said that the event is designed to teach kids life lessons in addition to the game itself.

“We want kids to think before they make moves on the chess board and think before they make moves in life,” Morris said.

There are several mini-chess tournaments scheduled throughout the summer.

For more information visit the CPR Chess Club online.