CENTRAL ARKANSAS – As long as temperatures continue to stay in the triple digits, concern for those who may not have access to air conditioners continues to grow.

The city of Little Rock and North Little Rock have opened cooling centers throughout the summer.

Monday, at Dunbar Community Center in Little Rock, there were about 11 people of all ages trying to beat the heat.

In North Little Rock, they are seeing around eight to 10 every day, so people are taking advantage of those spaces.

“The mission is of course to get people out of this heat,” North Little Rock Mayor Terry Hartwick said.

Temperatures are rising as the summer sun continues to beat down from the sky.

“It’s going to be 105 looks like even heat index up to 110,” and “it’s hot so the main thing is to take care of people who maybe can’t take care of themselves,” Hartwick said.

As people walk into the doors of the community centers in North Little Rock, and Little Rock, there is a space for families to go to relax in the AC and get some water, even after a long day of school.

“We always want to provide something for someone, not just recreation, but for youth, for seniors, for children for all users to come,” Little Rock Parks and Recreation Director Leland Couch said.

In North Little Rock, Mayor Hartwick said they have paid staff that works at the community center, and they pay staff extra that work on the weekend.

“Let them have water, cooling air, $1,000 a day, six to seven days,” Hartwick stated. “That’s not going to make or break us, it’s a matter of possibly saving a life and that’s what it’s all about,”

The cooling centers in North Little Rock will be open through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm and is located at 2700 Willow St.

Little Rock cooling centers are open through Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm and are located at:

• Dunbar Community Center

• East Little Rock Community Center

• Southwest Community Center

• Stephens Community Center

• West Central Community Center