CDC report shows decline in pediatric vaccine and pediatricians are concerned

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A new report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is showing a decline in children getting vaccinated for preventable deadly diseases, due to some parents becoming hesitant to visit clinics fearing exposer to COVID-19.

Dr. Aaron Strong is a pediatrician at Little Rock Pediatric Clinic and says he is concerned about the failing immunization rate.

He says parents should reach out to their family predications and see how they could best accommodate your family to ensure parents feel safe and stay healthy.

“During this time of crises how creative the health care system has become. This is a system that often is slow to change but I’ve been really impressed by all of the things these people have done to make their practices more accessible,” Dr. Strong says.

He says these visits also allow for pediatricians to assess your child’s mental and physical health.

“Most important roles we play in pediatric care is routine vaccinations but the other thing that we are doing constantly is screening for other problems we are asking a lot of questions about physical problems, psychological problems.”

However, if your child is already vaccinated, Dr. Strong says more and more clinics are utilizing Telehealth services allowing for doctors to reach out to patients via video chats or by phone.  

Read more on how to help keep your child safe HERE.

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