LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Living with cancer is difficult for patients and family members alike.

The CARTI Cancer Treatment Center has found a way to help provide care not only for the patient’s diagnoses but for a person’s spirit.

“It has been very well received,” says Reverend Larry Charles the Director of Pastoral Care at CARTI. “People are hungry. People are thirsty for that spiritual aspect to be fulfilled because they begin to sense that there is something missing.”

Charles says he was taken back by how receptive people are to the newly added program.

“I try to give a spiritual sense of trying to find stability in an otherwise unstable world,” he says.

Charles visits all 16 different centers and helps pray or sometimes just sit and talk with people.

He hopes to help bring spiritual wellness to all patients.

“I’m telling people we’re not looking for a New Year’s resolution we’re looking for a revolution,” he says. “What are you and keep your eyes on that is in a keep you focused on your finishline.”