CARLISLE, Ark. – As inflation continues to impact just about everything, one food pantry in Carlisle is still finding a way to feed those in need.

Shelby’s Pantry operates out of Carlisle United Methodist Church and serves about 100 families, mainly senior citizens. Tina Hillman runs the pantry, named after her mother-in-law, and says grants, the church congregation, and support from the community keep the food flowing.

Now, the pantry is being honored by the Arkansas Food Bank for its work not only feeding people but advocating for the Farm Bill that goes towards state-funded feeding programs.

“It’s very gratifying. it’s also very humbling because you don’t know the face of hunger,” Hillman said. “It could be your grandmother. It could be a seventh-grader. It could be a first grader.”

The Arkansas Food Bank will officially present the Rhonda Sanders award tomorrow morning while they are doing the food giveaway.