Car window smashed, purse stolen while victim attends fitness class in LR

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Cars move quickly along Cantrell Road in Little Rock, and apparently, so do thieves.

“You just feel violated, really,” Shelby Turpin says.

Turpin came to the Westgate Shopping Center on Wednesday night to take a class at Orangetheory Fitness.

Afterward, sweat turned to suspicion.

“I realized that my back window had been bashed in,” Turpin says.

Shards of glass peppered her back seat and her purse was gone.

“I think at first you’re in shock, and you’re just kind of in a rage,” Turpin says.

Within moments, she says her credit card was the one getting a workout in.

“I was getting notifications on my phone that there had been a $500 charge here, $600 dollar charge here,” Turpin says.

She says whoever had her credit cards charged nearly $5,000 at multiple stores.

She showed us a statement from charges at a Walgreens on Markham.

We obtained footage from the store and matched the time stamp.

A woman in leopard pajamas appears on camera, buying items shown on Turpin’s credit card statement: orange soda and hundreds of dollars in gift cards.

“It’s gotten too easy for people to use other people’s cards,” Turpin says.

For now, her back window is covered in cardboard: a band-aid for a burglary that remains unsolved.

Workers at Orangetheory Fitness tell us a Little Rock police officer was parked in the lot when the theft happened.

No suspects have been identified, according to a police report.

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