CABOT, Ark.- A few Cabot businesses are creating some buzz after starting a sign war.

The businesses are sending hilarious messages back and forth.

It all started at Mean Pig BBQ, and they were only intending on throwing shade at Sonic.

Mean Pig BBQ general manager Chad Merritt kicked off the exchange with “1 2 3 4 We declare a sign war” outside of his eatery.

Avery Wilson, Managing Partner with Sonic, replied with, “5 6 7 8 We are down to participate” on the sign at his shop.

The managers had no idea it was going to blow up the way it did. What started with a simple “1, 2, 3” quickly picked up steam.

“You can’t go in for the kill immediately, you have to let it stew,” Merritt said of his strategy.

The “Home of the Shut-Up Juice” targeted the drive-in, aiming their first burn with the message “Don’t whine when y’all get smoked.”

Sonic quickly jumped on board with the note, “Happy carhops are better than mean pigs.” That brought the response, “That was cold, like your fries.”

“I thought it was going to be some neighborly fun,” Wilson said, “then boom, Dairy Queen, everyone’s trying to do it.”

Before the end of the day, businesses all over Cabot joined in.

Even the City of Sherwood joined in the fun, posting, “Hey Mean Pig, we would participate in the Sign Wars but we don’t want to make you quiver.”

While the signs created buzz, there is a deeper message the businesses are sending out.

“The city needed this. Not just us but everybody to see the community come together and just having fun,” Wilson said.

“It’s just been good for everybody,” Merritt added.