BRYANT, Ark. – A Bryant High School senior who was told she would not be able to walk across the stage with her graduating class, will now be allowed to walk.

Bryant senior Kylie Lewis arrived just minutes late for a graduation rehearsal Wednesday at War Memorial Stadium, and then was turned away at the gate and told she would not be able to participate in the weekend graduation.

Lewis told school officials she was late for the rehearsal due to a family emergency.

Friday morning Bryant School District officials met with the family to discuss the issue.

By Friday afternoon school officials made the decision to allow Lewis to walk across the stage for graduation.

The school also addressed social media comments that were made after a video was shared online regarding the incident.

The full statement reads:

“On Friday morning, in an effort to listen to, and carefully consider, any reasons that might have prevented the student from riding the bus to graduation rehearsal, district administrators and the high school principal met with the student and members of her family. While the family stated they had a family emergency, they elected to keep those details private and chose not to provide further information that would justify an exception to the student handbook policy. 

Dr. Todd Edwards, principal of Bryant High School, leads the high school staff, students, and parents with honor and integrity. He is loved and respected by his students, staff and the community he serves. He appropriately followed the student handbook and made the correct decision regarding this matter. Following the meeting this morning, Bryant Public Schools Administration was prepared to support that decision.

However, this afternoon, due to an apparent miscommunication, the decision was made to allow the student to participate in the graduation ceremony. The student has been, and remains, a member of the Hornet Family. We wish her the best in the future. 
Bryant Public School administrators will always base their decisions on the law, policy, handbooks, and what is best for students. The requirement that students must ride the bus to graduation practice in order to walk at graduation will remain.

No decisions will ever be made based upon social media activity and threats. The personal attacks and threats levied against Dr. Edwards and other Bryant staff members have been irresponsible and reprehensible. Some of the more serious attacks have been referred to law enforcement.

Bryant School District Administration strives to have positive and productive relationships with students and their families. We encourage students and parents to reach out directly to administrators to resolve any issues.”

The Bryant graduation is scheduled to commence at War Memorial Stadium on Saturday morning at 10 a.m.