Bryant police called on 10-year-old for toy gun

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BRYANT, Ark.- A Bryant mom is on high alert, concerned for her son’s safety after a neighbor called the cops on her 10-year-old who was playing outside.

“That’s his time to use his imagination, to play and not have any worries and that neighbor could have easily taken that away from him,” said Tamara Forte, Mother.

Now Tamara is worried to let her son play in their own backyard.

This was the call made on 10-year-old Jackson Haynes, while he was playing.

“There’s a young black man, young, black, man, boyish walking behind my house with what he says is not a real gun,” said the neighbor to Bryant Police dispatch, “It doesn’t sit well with me.”

The call to police doesn’t sit well with Jackson’s mother, who says he plays in that spot all the time.

“I could tell he was visibly shaken, and he said mom the neighbor said she was going to call the police on me,” said Tamara, “My stomach just dropped. “

Tamara said she was heading to speak to the neighbor when she saw police.

“I saw the police were there and all I saw was red because I was so upset. I was like, this person really did call the police on a 10-year-old,” said Tamara.

While talking to police, the neighbor said her concern is for her bird feeders and that she’s never seen the boy before.

“I was like I don’t care if you walk behind there without this pistol-looking thing- I don’t care what you call it- when I have bird feeders,” said the neighbor to dispatch.

Sgt. Todd Crowson with Bryant Police Department said he listened to the call and still isn’t sure what the problem is.

“I don’t know what he was doing wrong, he was outside playing, being a kid,” said Sgt. Todd Crowson, Bryant Police Department.

Both Crowson and Tamara said this could have had a tragic outcome.

“I don’t want him to be naive to what’s going on in the world., but I still want him to be a kid… as long as possible,” said Tamara.

After taking a break from being outside for a few days, Jackson is now ready to take on his next navy seal mission, in his own backyard.

I have reached out to the neighbor for comment several times, but haven’t been able to reach her.
Byrant police say they also haven’t been able to reach her.

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