BRYANT Ark – A dangerous intersection in Bryant is in the spotlight as the city works to make the area safer for drivers.

The city recently installed a new traffic light at Hwy 5 and Bryant Parkway, an intersection with a long list of accidents.

“There’s always just a tad bit of anxiety just prior to approaching the intersection,” said Candice Calhoun.

Calhoun lives just down the street from the intersection. Prior to the light, drivers on Bryant Parkway would have to cross Hwy 5 blindly.

Calhoun says for a few months in 2018, she avoided the area completely.

“I would always go around the other way, take the longer way out,” said Calhoun

Calhoun was involved in an accident at the intersection in September of 2018.

“Out of nowhere, a car came from my left and kind of t-boned me, I was knocked out and thrown to the other side of the vehicle,” said Calhoun.

According to reports from the City of Bryant, Calhoun’s accident is one of more than 100 wrecks over the past three years at the same intersection.

Bryant Mayor Allen Scott says a light has been on the agenda since 2018 when the elementary school was built down the road.

He said with more students and teachers, there would be more traffic and more opportunities for dangerous conditions.

“You’d basically have to gun it and go across the way,” said Scott.

Right now the light is temporary. Scott says a more permanent structure will be put in place in the coming years.

Drivers like Calhoun say they’re still happy to have at least something that may finally put a stop to the numbers on the accident list.