LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A well-known Little Rock shopping center is set to get a facelift; the newest effort to help revitalize the Rodney Parham corridor.

The effort comes from KBK-Breck LLC, a management and development group made up of organizations like Kelley Commercial Partners and the Keet family. The group purchased the Breckenridge Village Shopping Center off Rodney Parham last Thursday, announcing their multi-million dollar plan to re-do the exterior and add green spaces and new landscaping in between shops.

In addition, empty storefronts will be filled with new businesses – including at least 4 restaurants, one of which will be a Waldo’s Chicken and Beer.

For those like Little Rock Piano who have already made Breckenridge home since 2016, it’s an exciting change.

“Well, we were all very excited,” said Don Nichols, general manager of the Little Rock piano store. “We’re excited about the whole Rodney Parham corridor, what’s going on here all throughout this area.”

Developers had said they plan to add to what’s already at the center, an approach Nichols approves of. With a mix of stores, restaurants, and businesses like salons and self-defense classes, it’s a diverse area Nichols hopes will remain.

“Lots of people going next door to the restaurant or up here to the dance studio. There’s just a lot of stuff going on up here,” Nichols said. “I wasn’t here in the 70s and 80s when this was built but I’ve heard it was an awesome place and I’m glad to hear it’s coming back to that.”

A full list of future tenants and the new name of the center has not yet been announced. A representative of Kelley commercial partners said that construction could begin in the next 90 days depending on permits and city approval.