LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Body parts stolen from an Arkansas hospital were sold over Facebook and sent in the mail to a Pennsylvania man, according to law enforcement.

A Pennsylvania district attorney says this case of buying and selling human body parts is one of the most bizarre he’s seen.

“Just when you think you’ve seen it all a case like this comes by,” District Attorney Sean McCormack said. “I have seen a lot of strange and unusual stuff over the years.”

Police said 40-year-old Jeremy Pauley is facing charges ranging from receiving stolen property to abuse of a corpse.

According to authorities, Pauley admitted to having three full skeletons and over a dozen human skulls from a “legitimate purchase.”

“It depends on the situation and how you came about to possess those remains,” McCormack said.

That’s where detectives said things took a turn and during a search warrant uncovered Pauley was talking on Facebook with a woman in Little Rock.

We are not identifying the woman since she has not been charged with a crime.

Records show Pauley was buying half a head, three brains, a heart, liver, lung, kidneys and four hands for $4,000.

The bodies donated to University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences for research were later sent to a Little Rock mortuary.

UAMS is extremely grateful to the many people who unselfishly donate their bodies to our anatomical gift program for use in medical education and research. Human bodies are an indispensable aid in the education of medical students, nurses and other health professions students. UAMS is extremely respectful of our donors when they are here in our care. We have a contract with Arkansas Central Mortuary Services to take the bodies for cremation after they are no longer being used by our students.  An employee of the mortuary service is under investigation by federal authorities for stealing some human remains donated to UAMS. We are saddened and appalled that this happened.”

Leslie Taylor, UAMS

Officials said the woman, who was working at the mortuary, snatched them up and put them in the mail.

Police said they intercepted the package on July 8.

The owner of Arkansas Central Mortuary Services said he is aware of the federal investigation, had no idea his employee was allegedly selling body parts and stopped showing up to work on July 13.

“Good example of what you can accomplish when you communicate and cooperate with one another at different levels of law enforcement,” McCormack said.

As for the Little Rock woman, she claimed not to know about the investigation and then said she wants nothing to do with it.