BENTON, Ark. – Seeing an 8-point buck on a game camera or from a deer stand will get a hunter’s heart racing. But what about an 8-point buck in a garage?

Stuck, and unable to get out, one deer had a Benton woman hunting for help, with the whole rescue being caught on camera by Benton Animal Control.

Joseph Mills, a Benton Animal Control officer, was in disbelief when they got the call.

“A lady called and said a buck deer was in her garage and had his antlers stuck in the shelves,” Mills said.

He said they rack up a lot of deer calls, but he had never heard one like this.

“There’s got to be a catch somehow I’m thinking she maybe had seen something she thought was a deer she heard a noise that was a raccoon, something like that, but yeah. We walked in and there is an actual 8-point buck standing in the garage,” Mills stated.

Mills recounted the experience of getting to help the deer get out of the garage.

“He let me grab his antlers and I just tilted his antler down and he had been standing there for so long, I guess he just fell down,” Mills said.

He said the deer seemed to hang around to fawn over its non-hunting helpers.

“I’ll probably never get to pet a wild buck ever again in my life, especially one of that size,” Mills said.

The Arkansas Game and Fish said the deer might have given himself a concussion just based on his behavior, but he was released back into the woods and is expected to be just fine.