BENTON, Ark. – A Saline County Resident, Kay Henderson, said a curve on Fairplay Road, cost her hundreds of dollars.

“These roads out here have always been really bad,” said Kay Henderson.

Kay Henderson said that she has driven down Fairplay road since 1993.

Earlier this month, she said she was on her normal commute home from work.

“I topped this hill and a car was coming, so I got on, over a little bit, when I did that curb just grabbed me,” stated Henderson.

She said immediately after, “it was gone. My tire was gone”.

Henderson said the damages were hundreds of dollars.

“It was 600 and some change with tax and all of that,” stated Henderson.

Almost a week after this happened, and a few calls to the Saline County Road Department, Henderson said that the road was fixed.

“It was a pleasant surprise,” stated Henderson.

Human Resources and Payroll Specialist for the Saline County Courthouse, Audrey Villegas, said over the phone that the city has $8.3 million to go towards roads.

Although, Villegas said determining which roads get fixed, is all based on a priority system.

“I know they have their hands full with the construction on I-30 and all that, but something definitely needs to be done, because it’s dangerous,” said Henderson.

Audrey Villegas said that on roads like Fairplay, nine times out of 10, it will be patchwork instead of full re-pavement.

“I know it’s in the country and all that but we need good roads too,” said Kay Henderson.

After Kay Henderson posted her story on Facebook, she quickly found out that she was not the only one.

“I got lots of valuable information. Lots of good contacts to talk to, and just really good suggestions,” stated Henderson.

Villegas said that Saline County residents with situations like this can fill out a form, which the Judge will read and determine if the city will offer financial assistance.