Update: FOUND! Beloved 20-foot Razorback smoker that had been reported stolen

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PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. – Deputies with the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office report having found a stolen smoker dubbed as “Big Frank.”

We first told you Monday about the beloved cooking machine that sports a big red Razorback, which disappeared over the weekend.

On social media Tuesday afternoon, the PCSO posted three aerial photos and the following: “Pulaski County deputies are in the process of recovering “Big Frank”, the famous Razorback smoker that was stolen over the weekend. It was located off Pitts Road near Jennings Road. Little Rock Police will handle criminal investigation.”

Original story:

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A local family is in disbelief after waking up to find their 20-foot smoker had been stolen.

The Rhoads family used the smoker at charity events and to help people in the community. Now they are asking for your help.

Below is a picture of “Big Frank.” He is 20-feet long and 14-feet tall.

Big Frank is one of a kind and the Rhoads say he is a state icon.

Big Frank was named after Arkansas football coach Frank Broyles.

The family is pleading with whoever took him, to please bring him back so they can keep serving the community.

This morning when Buddy Rhoads discovered Frank missing, he told his wife Dena but she didn’t believe him.

“I thought it was a joke there is no way,” said Dena Rhoads.

“Its an icon in the state of Arkansas so to try and pull something like that off and think you’re going to get away with it. I don’t know, that takes a lot.,” said Buddy Rhoads, “I woke up this morning, my office is on the next floor and I looked out the window he wasn’t there.”

Buddy says there was a huge empty space in the parking lot where the massive smoker was parked.

Typically Big Frank gets stored away however, Buddy was making repairs to get the smoker ready for winter which is why it was parked at the Rhoads home.

Buddy says it wasn’t uncommon for Frank to be in the parking lot.

In fact, a lot of locals took the opportunity to get their picture taken with the icon.

Buddy says that time was cut short when someone decided to hook Frank onto their vehicle and drive away.

“Who has the audacity or the nerve to even try to pull something off like that,” said Buddy.

The Rhoads both got emotional talking about Big Frank. They say he is more like a family member and he’s been around for nearly eight years.

“Frank is a big part of what we do in contributing back to society. We do probably 7-8 charity events a year. We don’t benefit what-so-ever from a financial perspective. We do benefit from the heart perspective,” said Buddy.

Eight charity events a year but the hog doesn’t stop there. At each event, the Rhoads give a ‘private tailgate party with frank’ to the silent auction and all that money goes back to charity.

I ask the Rhoads why they are so passionate about giving back to the community and Buddy says, “Becuase we are blessed, we’re fortunate with what we have and we want to share.”

This giving family is going whole hog hoping to find Big Frank.

Dena and Buddy are asking whoever stole Big Frank to please bring him back, “no questions asked.”

However, if they are able to bring him home, the Rhoads say it won’t stop them from helping the community. They still plan on cooking at charity events.

If you see Big Frank, call Little Rock Police.

If you want to see more pictures of Frank and all the places he has been, click here.

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