Baby raccoon gets help rolling to recovery from Arkansas rehabber

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BENTONVILLE, Ark. (News release) – Walkin’ Pets by designs first ever Walkin’ Wheels Raccoon Wheelchair.

Walkin’ Pets is dedicated to helping pets all over the world to live happy, active lives and has helped set countless miracles into motion, whether it’s helping a dog, cat, duck, or even a baby raccoon.

Wildlife rehab specialist Susan Curtis specializes in the rehabilitation of both bats and raccoons for the state of Arkansas.

Susan first met Vittles when she was 8-weeks old, suffering from a traumatic brain injury. The possibility of Vittles surviving in the wild was next to impossible.

The exact cause of her trauma is a mystery, Vittles was left unable to balance or support herself on all fours. Walking was impossible and there was very little hope of recovery. When the Walkin’ Pets team first heard the story of a baby raccoon with mobility problems they jumped into help.

Walkin’ Pets partnered with Susan, building her the first ever Walkin’ Wheels Raccoon Wheelchair. With the full support provided by her four-wheel wheelchair Vittles and Susan can work on her balance issues and stabilize her so she can walk on her own. Although unlikely that Vittles will ever make a full recovery, due to early intervention and the help of her brand-new wheelchair there’s hope. With the support of her raccoon wheelchair she will begin to develop the muscles needed to stabilize her body and work to build up her core support.

Susan hopes that eventually, Vittles will become part of Arkansas’ long-term non-release program and join the state’s educational program.

“She is such a happy little spirit with so much go! This baby wants to live and thrive.”

Even though Vittles journey is just started, Walkin’ Pets will be there every step of the way to help Vittles on her road to recovery and a bright future.

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