Austin man’s wallet stolen, receives thousands in bills

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CABOT, Ark. — An Austin man is speaking out after his wallet was stolen from his car and later received a bill for thousands of dollars worth of charges.

Cabot police are investigation. Corbin Kidd admits that he might have left his car unlocked with he went to a friends house in his neighborhood but he never imagined someone stealing something and charging his credit cards.

Kidd said that he didn’t leave his wallet in the car on purpose and that he gets in and out of his truck dozens of times everyday while working.

“My pistol was up here and my wallet was more than likely laying up here,” Kidd said.

Kidd still trying to piece together what happened when someone stole his wallet and gun.

Kidd said the only time he believes it could’ve been taken was when he parked his car at this friends house one evening week.

“I came out to my car that night, we went home but at that point I didn’t recognize anything being stolen,” Kidd said.

It turned into a nightmare when he received an alert on his phone.

“American Express sent us a a text message about one of my cards that said it had been a 400 something dollar charge at Walmart,” Kidd said.

Then, he checked with the local Super Walmart in Cabot.

“Walmart’s let us know they were at the self checkout line, for less than two minutes I think and bought $9,500-$9,7000 worth of gift cards,” Kidd said. “So they knew what they were doing.”

Kidd said after speaking with the Cabot Walmart manager, these pictures were taken, that showed the suspects behind the crime.

“These people look like they’re robbing a bank,” Kidd said.

He hopes by sharing his story others will stay alert, especially since he believes the suspects are still out there.

“It’s the world we live in, lock your vehicle,” Kidd said.

He also shared his story on Facebook where it’s been shared hundreds of times.

Kidd said he did later receive his wallet back but with just his ID in it. He said luckily the credo card company caught the charges and he likely won’t have to pay for what was spent.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police.

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