Attorneys file new lawsuits challenging LRPD’s no-knock warrants

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Attorneys file new lawsuits challenging Little Rock Police’s no-knock warrants.

At a news conference Thursday, Ben Crump and Mike Laux announced four civil rights lawsuits.

The plaintiffs allege constitutional violations and police misconduct against the city, former chief of police and 50 LRPD officers.

One of the plaintiffs shared what she says happened one morning when police showed up and invaded her home.

“There was police running in the garage, they were shooting down the door, in our front door,” says Candace Caldwell, a plaintiff in one of the cases. “There was some on the roof, they broke a window above one of the bedrooms, all I heard was gunshots. I just remember grabbing my dog and thinking they were going to shoot her.”

Attorneys say a pipe was found, but no meth.

Caldwell was charged with Drug Possession, but the charge was dismissed.

She says the repairs cost around $8,000.

Earlier this summer, LRPD explained how it’s now tightening its criteria for these warrants and where SWAT teams enter.

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