LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Chief of the Little Rock Police Department may be facing an uphill battle with some current and former employees, but his lawyer claims the community is supporting the embattled lawman.

In a letter released Friday afternoon, representatives for Chief Keith Humphrey said a letter signed by more than 100 community leaders backed Humphrey as he faces a vote of no confidence by the Little Rock Board of Directors.

Last month, board director Lance Hines called for a resolution to express what he called “concerns” with Humphrey. A vote on that resolution is expected later this month.

The letter of support describes this push as an “insidious smear campaign” against Humphrey, adding that the chief is being subjected to racist attacks.

Multiple lawsuits have been filed against Humphrey by current employees over the last year. Just last month a Pulaski County judge ruled the chief illegally withheld some employees’ own personnel files after those employees requested access to them.