LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — An Arkansas man who served in the Air Force and was part of the creation of the initial C-130 finally received the medals and honor he deserves.

Retired Air Force Sergeant Bob Davis began serving his country through the Air Force.

“My service started in Vietnam in 1959, flying out of Japan into Saigon,” Retired Air Force Sergeant Bob Davis said.

One of his greatest accomplishments includes participating in the creation of the first A-C-130 gunship.

“In 1967 we built the first AC-C-130 at the Air Force base in Ohio,” Davis said.

In September of 1967 they deployed to Vietnam and flew 67 missions, testing the aircraft. The result? “It was so successful that they had them ordered before we even got back to the states,” Davis said.

He served missions all over the world, but when he retired in 1975 as a Master Sergeant, he didn’t get the honor he earned. Congressman French Hill stepped in to make sure he got the medals he deserved.

“It’s an honor to present these awards to Bob Davis for his decades of service, in uniform and out of uniform. It’s 50 years late but we wanted to do the right thing,” Congressman French Hill said.

A touching moment as he received the Vietnam service medal and the Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross. It was a deserving honor many years in the making for an Arkansas man who served his counry and helped engineer something that changed the landscape for the Air Force. Davis even had the honor of working with the NASA program and with Astronaut John Glenn.