POPE COUNTY, Ark. — Every fisherman has his fish tale but a couple of teenagers in Pope County hooked something this month that may lead to catching a criminal.

“Catch of the day was definitely not what I was expecting.” expressed Jackson Roumbanis.

The 15-year-old is used to reeling in bass on Arkansas Waters, but on July 15 there was something else fishy trolling the depths.

As Jackson explained, new tech is allowing fishermen to get a better look under the water than ever before.

“It’s crazy because you could easily see it was a truck,” Jackson said.

They called authorities to cast a line on this Toyota Tacoma. According to the Pope County Sheriff’s Office, the truck had stolen tags from 2018.

Jackson’s father, Fred Roumbanis said, “You are not going hide things in lakes anymore, guys. They will find them.”

Fred “Boom Boom” Roumbanis is a major league fisherman with cutting-edge sponsored gear. This camera can see 80 feet deep in real-time with enough detail these teens found two missing cars in one day.

The second car was manufactured 57 years ago so there’s no telling how long it’s been at the bottom of the lake before it was found in almost 30 feet-deep water.

“And this isn’t going to be the last time they find vehicles guys. There are a lot of kids upcoming that are learning these electronics that have these on their boats. You’re going to see more and more unsolved mysteries,” Fred stated.

He is likely right because Jackson helped solved another cold case a couple of years ago when he found a car in Pike that was 20 years missing.

Now they just hope whoever hid the truck doesn’t become the one who got away.

Jackson and Gabe have only been on Galla Creek Lake a couple of times with the sonar device, so will continue to map the watershed floor.

Who knows what else they might find not only catching fish but potentially criminals too.