LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The second annual All Breed Cat Show was back in town Saturday. This year’s theme was new cats in the rock.

The Cat Fanciers Association put on the event at the Arkansas State Fairgounds Hall of Industries.

Contestants, ranging from household pets to 40 different breeds were on-hand, as well as vendors selling cat-themed items.

Show manager Pamela Bassett said that the event has already exceeded the previous year.

“This year is going great. We’re just so excited. We have more people than we had last year, we have more cats than we had last year, and we’re all having a great time.”

This is the second year for the show after 19 years without a cat show at the fairgrounds.

Organizers said that the mission of Cat Fanciers Incorporated is to promote the welfare and betterment of all cats and promote the interests of breeders and exhibitors of pedigreed cats.