LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Senate Bill 24, the Stand Your Ground Bill, was passed out of the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.  The bill removes the duty to retreat from Arkansas’ self-defense laws. 

Proponents of the bill said prosecutors across the state already don’t take into account the duty to retreat so this bill is just putting into law what is commonly practiced already. 

Opponents of the measure have said this will give people a license to kill and this will adversely affect minorities. Opponents of the bill have maintained that Arkansas’ self-defense laws are good enough, and do not need any changes but that did not sway the House Judiciary Committee.

A roll call vote was taken to pass the bill and was split down party lines 10-9 in favor of the bill.


  • Rep Carol Dalby
  • Rep Brandt Smith
  • Rep Marcus E. Richmond
  • Rep Frances Cavenaugh
  • Rep Jimmy Gazaway
  • Rep Stan Berry
  • Rep Keith Slape
  • Rep Cameron Cooper
  • Rep Kendon Underwood


  • Rep. Kenneth B. Ferguson
  • Rep Vivian Flowers
  • Rep Milton Nicks, Jr.
  • Rep Jamie Scott
  • Rep Nicole Clowney
  • Rep Jay Richardson
  • Rep Andrew Collins
  • Rep Tippi McCullough
  • Rep Ashley Hudson

SB24 now heads to the full House for discussion.  There are 78 Republicans and 22 Democrats in the House.