LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Summit Utilities has been ordered to give Arkansans more time pay late fees and avoid disconnection.

The Arkansas Public Service Commission has ordered Summit Utilities to extend the hold on disconnections and late fee collection.

The order from the PSC said that the commission will re-examine whether the extension should continue in 60 days.

Two weeks ago, Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin filed a motion with the PSC to stop Summit from resuming their normal collections in July.

“I asked the PSC to prohibit Summit Utilities from resuming late fees, collections and gas shut-offs for Arkansans until we have more information, and I am grateful the PSC has agreed to give Arkansans more time to pay and will re-examine the issue in 60 days while our investigation continues,” Griffin said in a release Tuesday

Summit Utilities released a statement about the PSC’s order.

We want to thank the Public Service Commission for encouraging customers to pay their bills and directing all parties involved in the open docket to urge their members or constituents to do the same. Summit temporarily suspended charging late fees and disconnections last fall. We have been communicating to our customers our intent to reinstate late fees and disconnects this July. We will continue to cooperate in the ongoing investigation and look forward to a final resolution of this proceeding.”

Summit Utilities

The company had initially suspended service disconnection and late fees in November while it changed over to a new customer service and billing system.

On March 2, a class action lawsuit had been filed against Summit alleging price gouging. Later, Griffin opened a Public Service Commission investigation into the company’s purchasing and bill practices.

Summit officials said those in need of assistance can visit or call customer service from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays at 800-992-7552.