HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE, Ark.— As people across the state are stuck indoors, one Arkansas nurse is determined to continue seeing her patients.

She’s risking her life on the roads, to save theirs.

“We live on one of the steepest hills in the Village,” said Destiny Rodgers, a home health patient.

For the last three years, Rodgers has battled a rare disorder.

She spends her days at her home in Hot Springs Village, hooked up to an IV and a port.

“I have a very rare disorder called MALS,” said Rodgers. “I am typically on an IV everyday just for my fluids and the vitamins I need.”

Rodgers says when the winter storm blasted the state, she worried her nurse wouldn’t be able to make it from Benton to her neighborhood.

“I could wind up in the hospital so fast if Patsy doesn’t do these visits because what she does ultimately keeps me from being in the hospital as much as I used to be,” said Rodgers.

They recorded nearly 11 inches of snow on Monday at their home. However, that did not stop Rodgers’s nurse, Patsy Lewis, from getting to her.

“That’s when I told Patsy my wife– the only way we are going to get up there and hike up the hill,” said Jay Lewis, Patsy’s husband.

The two trekked through nearly a mile of snow to make it to Rodgers’ home after their truck got stuck on the road.

“I was going to make it up there to see her no matter what,” said Patsy Lewis.

Rodgers says she is thankful for Lewis’s dedication to her patients.

“Patsy is one of the most selfless people that I know. Most people would not do that,” said Rodgers.

Lewis says she has seen four other patients during the storm who depend on her for their health.

She hopes the snow will melt by next week as she heads back through Hot Springs Village to treat Rodgers.