AUSTIN, Ark – The baby formula shortage isn’t over yet for some Arkansas families as many parents are still struggling to keep their babies fed. Some mothers say they have been searching near and far and are still coming up short. 

Ashley Voss is from Austin, Arkansas, and is the mother of 10-month-old Kenndey, however, she says for months now trying to feed her daughter has been challenging. 

“You want to be able to buy their formula at ease and you just can’t,” Voss adds, “we’ve already had to switch her formula two different times because of the shortage.”

The baby formula shortage started in February 2022, although since then shipments have arrived across the nation. However, Voss says her daughter uses the Gerber Good Start Gentle Pro, which she and her husband haven’t been able to find. 

“My husband works in North Little Rock. He has gone to the Walmart of McCain, in Jacksonville, and we have two Walmarts in Cabot. He has gone to both of those, and he hasn’t found the one she needed,” said Voss. 

The Maumelle mother of a 10-month-old boy, Liyah Martinez, says she also hasn’t found her son’s regular formula since April. 

“We’ve tried other things doctors have given us suggestions but it kind of hurts his stomach and you know that constant change of different milk you know it has affected him,” said Martinez. 

Both moms say they’re unable to breastfeed and are feeling desperate. 

“I just hope that they start producing more formulas and have a backstock of formula just in case it happens again,” said Voss. 

She says they’re now on their last can of formula and will be soon back on the search for more. 

But out of these hard times, both moms say they’ve been able to count on other moms online. 

According to the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH), If families are struggling to provide the formula needed for their infants, they should consult their Health Care Provider prior to making any formula changes.  The following practices could jeopardize the short- and long-term health of babies: diluting formula, making homemade formula, introducing cow’s milk before one year of age, or consuming a recalled infant formula product.  

Furthermore, ADH says families can call a local county health department WIC office and ask about eligibility for the Arkansas WIC Program or visit the Arkansas Department of Health website.