LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Arkansas MLK Commission partnered with Catholic High School on Monday for a day of service.

One look at the event showed there were a lot of different folks with a lot of different backgrounds.

“It speaks volumes of the heart of service for individuals for Dr. King, being able to promote unity, promote diversity, and all work together in giving back,” Executive Director of the Arkansas MLK Commission Deshun Scarbrough said.

Principal of Catholic High Steve Straessle said he put out the call for 35 volunteers from the school and he said he got over 100 to show up.

He jumped at the chance to team up with the Arkansas MLK Commission when they approached him with the idea to host the event.

“Kids bring energy, adults bring wisdom and you combine those two things and there is nothing that a community can’t not do,” Straessle said.

Organizers said it is the largest Day of Service event in the entire country.

“To Love their neighbor, so they have the largest day of service it’s a big deal! It’s great!” Representative French Hill, who is also a Catholic High alum, said.

It had the feel of a block party but there were serious needs being addressed Monday afternoon.

Food bags were handed out, Baptist Health provided health screenings, including Covid testing, and the Division of Workforce Services helped people with job searches.

“The secret to service and the secret to lifting people up is to give them the skills, abilities and capabilities necessary to be independent and successful in life,” Hill said.

Young and old, black and white were all working in unison to help people in Central Arkansas.  Leaders at the event say this is the way Dr. King envisioned society.

“There are so many different groups out here, they’re all working together for the common good,” Straessle said.

“To come together today to uplift and to ignite a wonderful day like this on King holiday it is really a great opportunity to push forth the message of Dr. King and I think he’d be proud,” Scarbrough said.