LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The official motto of the U.S. written across our money and monuments could soon appear on the walls of Arkansas public schools. 

A new law states elementary and secondary schools shall display a framed picture or poster of “In God We Trust” above an American flag in their libraries and classrooms. 

While superintendents told us they’ll continue to review the act, citizens weighed in on the debate. 

“It should be there,” said Sharon Sumpter from Mulberry. “We need to turn more back to our religion, our roots and why our country was founded.”

“If you take ‘In God We Trust’ out, I mean that’s basically telling them God’s dead, you know?,” said Doug Wilburn from North Little Rock. 

“It seems like kind of a marginal issue, not great but not terrible either,” said Anne Wilson from Little Rock. 

Taxpayers won’t be fronting the bill for the new displays. 

Act 911 states they either have to be donated from a private organization or purchased with funds made available through voluntary contributions to the local school boards or the Building Authority Division of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. 

The law also requires the motto to appear in any public building that’s maintained or operated by state funds.

Schools across the Natural State are also in the process of putting up posters to help students in need. 

Act 379 requires public and charter schools to post the Child Abuse Hotline number in student bathrooms, among other places on campus. 

The Arkansas Department of Education now offers these posters both in English and Spanish on its website to comply with the law.