NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark.— While much of Arkansas is covered under snow, the winter weather has brought something back to the surface.

Scott Gann, 49, has been sledding at the hill on Locust Street in North Little Rock for decades.

“I have probably been sledding here since I was eight or 10 years old,” laughed Gann.

So when the snowstorm hit hard on Monday, he knew exactly where to go.

“It’s the perfect hill, you can tell by all the kids sledding and all the adults too,” said Gann.

He took his kids to Locust Street during the storm so they could feel the same joy he did as a child. However, this time was a little different.

His childhood sled was stolen off his porch back in the 1980’s.

“Honestly, I think my dad was more heartbroken than we were,” said Gann.

Gann says much to his surprise, he looked over while sledding and saw something that caught his eye.

“That was my sled as a kid,” said a shocked Gann. “It’s got my name and my address from when we were like 8 or 10 years old and I was just flabbergasted.”

His childhood sled, now right before his eyes. Except the sled’s new owner is a little boy who now lives on Locust St. Gann says he was told it was given to the boy by his grandmother who purchased it from someone else years ago.

“They had bought the sled like 20 years ago had a garage sale and probably paid a couple bucks for it,” laughed Gann.

The historic winter storm changing the end to a story that started four decades ago.

“That’s the beauty of it, it wasn’t that far away. It stayed where it needed to stay until today,” said Gann.

Scott says once this snow all melts, he plans to go back to Locust St. and make an offer on the old sled.