Arkansas man accused of raping woman who has mental handicap

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POINSETT COUNTY, Ark. (WREG) — A Poinsett County man is facing troubling accusations, charged with sexually assaulting a woman who has a mental handicap at a facility that is supposed to be a safe-haven for people with disabilities.

According to Trumann Police, Stanley Smith of Tyronza allegedly raped the 29-year-old woman inside the kitchen of Focus, Inc., a facility for people with disabilities.

Smith is now out on bond, and people in the area told WREG they were shocked when they heard the accusations.

“If he done it, then he should be penalized for it,” Diann Young said.

Young works in a convenience store in Tyronza, and she said she’s seen Smith around.

“He’s got to where he doesn’t come in very much,” Young said. “We might see him maybe once a month or once every two months.”

According to the affidavit of complaint, the 29-year-old victim told police Smith approached her from behind on Aug. 19 while she was in the kitchen getting a cup of coffee.

The victim said Smith lifted her dress, pulled her undergarments down and then raped her.

She also told police another resident of the facility witnessed the rape but turned around and left the kitchen.

Police said the rape was not reported until Aug. 26.

Smith, who attends the faculty, was arrested Sept. 16 but is out on bond.

Smith’s father answered the door at his listed address, but he would not comment on the accusations against his son.

According to a manager at the facility, Smith and the victim dated at one time but had broken up.

Smith is no longer allowed to attend the Trumann facility.

Wendy Spencer,who lives in Tyronza, said the alleged rape is troubling news in this small town.

“They need to like really investigate that because something needs to be done,” Spencer said.

Stanley Smith is scheduled to appear in court Oct. 31.

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