LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Last week, sixty-four Arkansas linemen packed their bags and headed towards the eye of the storm – to offer their help and any service they could offer. 

They arrived in Florida the day before Hurricane Ian hit, and they tell us it was rough. 

Construction Foreman, Travis Roseberry, said “I spent the night through it, and it was pretty intense. The most intense winds I’ve ever been through – sustained winds in between 80 and 90 MPH”. 

The main reason they are in Florida is to help with power restoration. They tell us it’s difficult due to damage from trees, and not so much anymore – but flooding was a prominent issue. 

Peace River Electric Cooperative (PREC) reports they still have 4,679 outages. At this time, they don’t have an estimation on when the crews will be able to come back home from Florida – we do know they are working hard. 

The linemen ask for thoughts and prayers and wanted to tell their loved ones they are “seeing light at the end of a tunnel”.