LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Fourteen rings of the bell for 14 Arkansas peace officers who passed away over the last two years.

That is also 14 names of those who paid the ultimate price. Now, those names are etched forever in the Arkansas Law Enforcement memorial outside of the Arkansas State Capitol building.

“This is a great honor for us for our son to be written down on these memorials along with the other officers that lost their lives,” said Edgar Moore, the father of a fallen Arkansas Highway Patrol officer.

Edgar and Rebecca Moore’s son, Chandler, worked as an Arkansas Highway Patrol officer until a combination of COVID-19 and pneumonia took his life September 5 of last year.

Candler’s sister, Mary-Lynn Leslie, carried a photo of her brother to help honor him.

“Every day is a battle. It really is hard,” Mary-Lynn expressed. “That was when he graduated.”

The photo was brought for one specific reason.

“So, he could be here too. So, he could see everybody and what they were doing for him.” Continued Mary-Lynn.

COVID-19 also took the life of Sheridan Police Officer Shane Green who passed last August.

Officer Ken Wicker was Green’s partner for 22-years. Their bond is now forever represented by a pin.

“When you lose that person so suddenly and unexpectedly it just doesn’t feel right,” Wicker said. “He knew what the job was, he knew what he wanted to do, and he fulfilled every aspect of it. For us still, here we carry that torch.”

A flame now continues to burn bright even for those who still try to find peace after losing a loved one.

“All I can say is that would help is that God has to be in your heart and he’s the only one that can give you peace,” Edgar said.

“It’s not an easy job. it’s not,” Mary-Lynn followed in saying. “Leaving your family not knowing if you’ll come back or not. It’s not easy.”