LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Gas prices have seen a steady increase in the past few months. Even since the beginning of October, Arkansas has seen an increase of 15.5 cents per gallon according to the AAA.

But Arkansas is faring better than most states.  On 11/8, Arkansas had the second-lowest average per-gallon price in the country, only trailing Oklahoma.

AAA spokesperson Nick Chabarria said the two main factors in prices increasing are the price of crude is increasing and supply and demand.

There will soon be a slight break in increases as companies switch over to a winter blend of gasoline which is less expensive to produce than summer blends but supply and demand have caused prices to increase dramatically as more and more people are traveling.

Chabarria said the lifting of restrictions and covid numbers falling off has caused travel numbers to increase across the country.

“AAA travel bookings have increased every part of this year and are even above 2019 levels, so people are wanting to travel, they are getting out more, and travel demand has really come back to what it was prior to the pandemic,” Chabarria said.

According to AAA gas trackers, there are three metro areas in the Top 15 in the country in terms of lowest gas prices: Ft. Smith (#10, $3.011), Pine Bluff (#12, $3.015), and Little Rock (#15, $3.021). 

Chabarria said the AAA will have holiday forecasts coming out on Tuesday but he expects to see more people will be traveling and a majority of that travel will be done by car.