CLEBURNE COUNTY, Ark. — Arkansas Game and Fish confirmed that one person died in a boat crash on Greers Ferry Lake Sunday.

Deborah Chaffin was camping near Sugarloaf Marina. She was coming back from the store when she was told what happened.

“She had told us when we were pulling in that we might not want to have small children or teenagers or anything down there because people were hurt, one person did die,” Chaffin said.

She then saw the scene.

“When we came back, we saw the Sheriff’s Department was there, they had the people out there working with somebody at the time, basically a lot of police, an ambulance was here, a firetruck was here,” Chaffin said.

Officials say both a pontoon boat and a speed boat were involved, both have been taken out of the water.

“They had the one boat, the pontoon boat that was all crashed in on the side, that had it up here on the dock, they were taking pictures,” Chaffin said.

Chaffin feels for everyone involved.

“It makes me feel devastated for the families, even for the ones that got hurt real bad, but I’m really devastated for the one that got killed, because that’s a loved one that’s lost,” Chaffin said.

She says she hopes everyone will stay safe this Labor Day.

“I just want everyone to be real careful next weekend,” Chaffin said.