Little Rock,Ark.- A 1.75 million dollar grant is now in the hands of Alan Tackett, Ph.D., a bio medical researcher at UAMS in Little Rock. That money comes from the National Cancer Institute.
Tackett’s studies focus on the treatment of metastatic melanoma. His research has been focused on this topics for more than a decade.

He explains that melanoma does not respond to chemotherapy like other cancers.
“The dieses is very complex its very resistant to traditional chemotherapy so there is not alot of ways to treat this,” said Tackett.

He is focused on immunotherapies.
“These immunotherapies have shown great promise and sometimes actually life saving promises for some of the patients,” Tackett went on to say.

He hopes he and his team’s reach will pay off with a cure one day. He said everyday he feels like they are one step closer.