LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – With a leaked Supreme Court draft seemingly confirming the court’s plans to strike down Roe. V Wade, Arkansas advocacy groups on both sides of the issue of abortion are sharing their thoughts and speaking out.

Rose Mimms with Arkansas Right to Life has been on the forefront of banning abortion for years. The organization focuses on advocacy, education, and political action and has branches across the U.S. She says although this leak hints at a positive outcome for those who are anti-abortion, it’s too soon to say.

“We’re cautiously optimistic that we’re going to get a good ruling,” Mimms said. “[but] there’s really no reason to shout and to think we’ve won, there’s nothing decided.”

Mimms says she’s hopeful to see Roe v. Wade overturned, giving control back to states. For Arkansas, that means a near-total abortion ban implanted immediately – a so-called “trigger” law that just needs a ruling.

“We would go back to what the law was pre-Roe,” Mimms explained, “which is a ban on abortion.”

But while Mimms and team hope for an overruling, it’s something those on the other side dread.

Emily Wales, interim president of Planned Parenthood Great Plains says the leak came as a blow – something expected, but still hurtful for those who are pro-choice. Her organization oversees 11 Planned Parenthood clinics in 4 states. 2 are in Arkansas, and 5 of the 11 offer abortions of some form.

Wales says the main concern is the loss of rights and medical options for thousands of women in the Great Plains region and the risk of further deprecations that stem from a court ruling of this size.

“The rights that our grandmothers fought for, and our mothers enjoyed will no longer apply to our generation,” Wales said. “The reality that more than half the states may soon ban abortion entirely is shocking.”

Wales says Planned Parenthood will continue to fight for their patient’s rights and advocate for them on a daily basis, something Mimms echoes – saying even if the ruling comes down to throw out Roe v. Wade, Right to Life will continue fighting to stop abortions once and for all.

The Supreme Court is set to have a final decision on the case sometime this summer. If enacted, Arkansas’ abortion law will be one of the strictest in the country, banning all abortions except for in the case of a medical emergency that puts the mother’s health at risk.