LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Arkansans say they’re having to make some tough decisions on budgeting as prices for gas and groceries tick upward.

“It was actually impressive how quickly they were able to make everything so terrible,” said Amanda Ewald as she was traveling through Little Rock Tuesday.

The average price for gas in Arkansas reached $4.45 a gallon Tuesday.

Last week AAA recorded the average price in the state at $4.13. A month ago, the company says Arkansas gas was hovering around $3.90.

“Fuels gone up, foods gone up, I mean what are we going to do now?,” said Little Rock driver Taylore Hawley.

Hawley filled up his tank for $130 Tuesday. He says the prices are getting out of hand.

“I mean it’s hard to afford this right now,” said Hawley.

Hawley says he’s had to make changes financially just to get by.

“All the extra driving that I used to do, can’t do it no more,” said Hawley.

The Little Rock driver says he carpools to work now to save on fuel.

Hawley also says he runs all his errands in one day, that way he can stay put the rest of the week.

“Just watching my bank account just drain down, it’s like holy cow,” said Hawley.

Ewald was traveling through Arkansas Tuesday. She says prices are up everywhere, putting more strain on families who were already struggling.

“They have to now choose between what am I going to pay for which is an awful way to live,” said Ewald.

If prices don’t get better soon, Ewald says more are going to struggle to pay bills.

“It’s not like your boss is going to keep giving you more money all the time because things are getting more expensive, businesses can’t do that, so what are people supposed to do?” said Ewald.

Other drivers who didn’t want to speak publicly say they sometimes have to choose between groceries and gas. Others say they have cut down to one car per household. Some say they have even considered moving closer to their place of work to cut down on fuel costs.