LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – People were doing a variety of things outside Saturday, even in these extreme temperatures, but all tried to find ways to stay cool. Something everyone is agreeing on is that it’s hot.

Terri Alexander and her family were in the River Market today.

“It’s so hot, it’s so so hot,” Alexander said.

Saturday was the hottest day since 2012, yet people were still out and about– including the Clements and their grandson.

“Ice cream, ice cream keeps you cool,” Sarah Clements said.

It is their grandson Bryce’s birthday celebration, and they tried to beat the heat while still having fun.

“We just came back from the museum of discovery down there,” Bryce Diffenderfer said, “It’s better than being out here.”

They spent the day inside– but wanted to celebrate and get some ice cream — just like Terri Alexander’s family.

“We had to go to the spray pad and that didn’t cool us down enough, so we ended up at Kilwin’s,” Alexander said.

The Youngblood family was trying to stay cool as well.

“We’ve eaten some ice cream and we rode the trolley, which is nice and air-conditioned and free, so that’s perfect for us,” James Youngblood said.

Bryant fans were getting ready for the game. Doing face paint and showing school spirit hoping all of their hard work won’t melt off later.

“I have these handprints on my legs right now and I’m so scared,” a Bryant student said.

But overall, they were just ready for the Salt Bowl.

“It’s going to be like rough going to have to sit in that heat,” another student said.

Everyone agreed they were ready for lower temperatures, and Alexander says sweet treats and water helped them beat the heat.

“Between the spray pad and the ice cream we’ve cooled down enough,” Alexander said.