Arkansans react to Pres. Biden executive orders on gun control

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – President Joe Biden issued several Executive Orders dealing with gun control on Thursday. 

The major takeaways were orders dealing with “ghost guns”, red flag laws, and handgun stabilizers. 

Owner of Arkansas Armory Nathan House does not agree with any of the Executive Orders the President issued, “

I’m disgusted by his actions and I think that every American that cares about their constitutional rights are to be disgusted by his actions as well.”

State Representative Fred Love, however, said President Biden is on the right track in terms of gun regulation in the US, “President did the right thing and trying to crawl that in signing those executive orders, so I appreciate what he’s doing.”

“Ghost guns” refers to kits that can be purchased to build a gun.  These do not have any type of serial numbers attached to them since they are not actual firearms but parts. 

House says these kits have been around a long time.  He says many people come to his store to shoot them and many times have problems since there is some manufacturing and craftsmanship associated with the kits. 

“These terms like ghost guns are made up terms that are trying to invent a class of thing that has never existed before,” he said.

Love says firearms, even ones that are built by gun owners, should be able to be traceable, “I think having a serial number that can be traced back to a person, I think that’s only proper.”

Another of Biden’s Executive Orders has the Justice Department issuing model red flag laws for states.  Love is in agreeance with red flag laws and believes it would add another layer of protection.

House says the state of Arkansas has no need for them, “I think it is entirely more overreach because there are already processes in the wall in order to have guns removed from people who have been decided dangerous by a judge.”

Another order would have the Justice Department issue a proposed rule in 60 days to say a handgun stabilizer turns a pistol into a short-barreled rifle.  This would then make that accessory subject to the National Firearms Act. 

This would make purchasing a handgun stabilizer more intensive and costly, something Love is ok with, “I think making the process more strenuous to get those things which would be the better aspect.”

Love believes the Presidents’ actions today is a good starting point for more robust and meaningful gun regulation discussions.

“Executive orders can never take the place of true meaningful legislation, but I think that it is time to have a serious debate on gun control and what we can do to actually try to make sure guns are not ending up in the wrong hands,” Love said.

House disagrees that this is the problem the President has made it out to be, “But it is not the epidemic that Biden is saying it is.”

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