Arkansans react to biggest abortion challenge in decades heading to Supreme Court

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The ripple effects of the Roe v. Wade challenge in the nation’s highest court will be felt in the Natural State.

Arkansans on both sides of the issue of abortion are concerned with the Supreme Court Roe v. Wade challenge, as well as with what Gov. Asa Hutchinson had to say about an abortion bill in Arkansas.

In his news conference Tuesday, Gov. Hutchinson said an abortion bill will not be on the call at the next special session.

This news comes much to the disappointment of pro-life social organization Family Council.

“We believe it’s unfortunate because we think it’s a missed opportunity,” said Charisse Dean with Family Council.

Pro-choice organizations like the Arkansas Abortion Support Network disagree.

“They don’t need to take this up here in Arkansas in this next session,” said Karen Musick with the Arkansas Abortion Support Network. “They need to know that this is something that Arkansans don’t want to happen.”

But Musick doesn’t see Hutchinson’s announcement as a victory, necessarily, as her organization remains cautious based on what Gov. Hutchinson has signed in the past.

“He signed a full abortion ban into law,” Musick said. “I don’t think he wants it to happen, but we also see that there are other people who would like it to happen.”

People like Sen. Jason Rapert, whose abortion ban bill would go into effect immediately should Roe v. Wade be overturned.

“That would mean over 3,000 lives saved here in Arkansas, which would be a great victory,” Dean said.

“Women are always going to need abortions, whether Roe v. Wade is there or not,” Musick said.

Both organizations are waiting on a decision from the highest court and are waiting to see what happens locally, for two very different reasons.

“We are ready and willing to support any good pro-life legislation that is presented,” Dean said.

“Whatever the pregnant person wants, should be what the pregnant person gets to do,” Musick said.

Family Council said should Roe v. Wade overturn, they would be happy, since ending abortion in Arkansas has always been their goal.

The Arkansas Abortion Support Network said they’d continue to do whatever it takes to get women safe abortion services, even if that means transporting those women out of the state.

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