LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Cold temperatures are on the way, and prepping your home for the winter weather is very important. 

“Go ahead and wintertime their home, so they can keep it as comfortable as possible and prevent any damage” Entergy spokesperson, Brandi Hinkle, said. 

Winterizing your home is about protection. This means looking at insulation and making sure the pipes stay warm. 

“If you can see sunlight coming in – you can bet that your warm air is going out and the cold is coming in,” Hinkle said. 

Your house may feel cold, or airy – and your utility bill may be breaking the bank. 

A local homeowner, Mitchel Wheeler, noticed these signs in his home and called for help. 

“Drafts are never good, they can cause you to turn up the heat when you don’t really need to and then you’re spending more money”, he said. 

Home Energy RX answered the call and came to his home to detect the issue using their infrared camera that shows what areas in the home have air leakage. 

“When I talked to them over the phone initially, they told me duct ceilings – and I hadn’t even thought of that” Wheeler said. 

Without proper insulation, heat cannot stay in. Proper detection and proper insulation can save your home warmth and your wallet.