LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Drivers on I-30 in Little Rock have gotten used to frequent pothole encounters. ARDOT will continue to use quick patch techniques to fill them until ongoing construction is completed, a spokesperson said.

Recent potholes were caused by heavy rain, said Dave Parker, a spokesperson for ARDOT. Although its the contractors’ responsibility, ARDOT still patrols the area throughout the night to patch potholes.

“That’s how most of them are handled,” Parker said.

Longterm solutions involve cutting the potholes out of the road and filling in concrete, Parker said, which is not what administrators want to do considering how much traffic relies on that interstate.

 “We certainly don’t want to shut down two of three lanes to take care of a pothole,” Parker said.

After construction along the interstate is completed, ARDOT plans to undertake long-term pothole fixes, Parker said. Anyone who experiences car damage can go to the Arkansas Claims Commission.

Parker said ARDOT is asking for the public’s help in identifying where potholes are located. “Email us, Facebook, social media, Twitter, anything,” Parker said. “Let us know what’s going on.”