LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – For the last few months, drivers going down I-630 in Little Rock could see graffiti along the sides. A relatively-new stretch is being routinely tagged, and the Arkansas Dept. of Transportation (ARDOT) keeps spending time and resources to handle it.

On the Mississippi Street exit, a line of identical graffiti markings stretched along the overpass wall Monday. Dave Parker, an ARDOT spokesperson, said crews go out every other day to clean it off.

“Then sometimes within a day or two, it happens again,” Parker said.

The problem has been happening for months, Parker said, and it’s diverting crews from issues like potholes. The vandals appear to be going out late at night or early in the morning to avoid detection.

“‘Growing problem’ is a great way to describe it,” Parker said. “Doing graffiti on the roadway, one, is dangerous to get out there like that. It’s costly, and it’s becoming a nuisance to us.”

ARDOT placed cameras in some areas along I-630, and they are capable of recording, Parker said. To use them in an investigation would require law enforcement coordination, Parker said, which ARDOT is prepared to seek if the problem continues.

Grant Morris, the President of the Capitol View Stifft Station Neighborhood Association, said graffiti has been a problem in the city, too.

“We do what we can to try to keep the graffiti down and beautify the neighborhood to the best of our abilities,” Morris said.

Morris said he hopes the issue is resolved.

“I understand people want to get their voices heard, and we highly respect that here,” Morris said. “You work with the neighborhood on that.”