LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The family of an Arkansas State Hospital police officer are speaking out after he died during his battle with COVID-19. 

Hasain El-Amin has worked in law enforcement for more than 15-years. 

“He touched so many people and everywhere he went he always had a smile,” his father, William El-Amin said.

Although he was in law enforcement, it was more than protecting and serving for him and his older brother. It was about teaching, inspiring and mentoring and that’s exactly how he lived his life.
“I ain’t going to say was, he is a good man because we raised to be like that,” mother, Louise El-Amin said. 

It’s been a whirlwind of emotions for Lieutenant Hasain El-Amin’s family since he died later January after his battle with COVID-19.

“He was a good husband and father, and son,” Wife, Laiya El-Amin said. 
His family is determined to all he accomplished in his 41 years of life.

El-Amin was a Little Rock Police officer at the age of 25 years-old. Then at 31, he joined the Arkansas State Hospital police. A year later he became a sergeant and at the age of 33, he was a lieutenant.

That same year, he started and certified a police department at Shorter College. His family said he’s the youngest African American to start a police department on a college campus.

But the family said there’s more to the Little Rock native that they want people to remember.

“My dad was a very sensitive caring person, he was just a funny, happy person,” daughter, Amber El-Amin said. “Like, when he walked in a room you could be having the worse day ever and then he’ll come around you and you can try to stay mad but you’ll laugh.”

“He wanted the best for everybody, this man would be riding down the street and would stop his vehicle in the road and help somebody cross the street,” father-in-law, John Payne Jr. said. 

“I love my brother very much, and I’m going to miss him but again his work is going to always go,” brother William El-Amin said. “I’m going to continue to do what I can to push and carry his memory, his dream.” 

His brother William said the dream was to use their badges and their positions to do as much good as possible. He plans to continue to do the work his brother did.

El-Amin was the youngest of his family and always looked up to his older brother.