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CLEVELAND, Ohio – Arkansas U.S. Senator Tom Cotton is preparing to speak before the Republican National Convention.

He will be at the podium for Monday’s session. Here’s what he says will be in his speech:
“I’m going to talk about our troops and their families and why they serve out country under the sense of love and patriotism and what we need to do to serve them better. In particular we need to provide them with them with the money that our military needs to get the training and the weapons and the equipment not primarily to fight and win out countries wars, but to stop them from happening in the first place because that’s the ultimate purpose of our common defense and our military is to stop wars from happening in the first place. To make sure that we can all enjoy the blessings of peace.”

The convention kicked off at 1 p.m. ET with a day focused on two issues: Benghazi and illegal immigration.

The day’s headliner is Melania Trump, wife of Donald Trump.

Sen. Cotton is one of several who will be making the case for Trump on national security. The others include: Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who was under consideration for the vice presidential nomination, as well as several other lawmakers with military backgrounds, including Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa and a former Navy SEAL, Rep. Ryan Zinke of Montana.

Other Monday speakers include Jamiel Shaw, whose son was killed by an undocumented immigrant, as well as Benghazi attack survivors Mark Geist and John Tiegen. Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, who has advised Trump on immigration and national security, will also speak.

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