AR-15 thrown in North Little Rock backyard, found by neighbor

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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Imagine being out of town and getting a notification that police are at your front door.

That’s what happened to one North Little Rock family who had officers show up at their home after an AR-15 was found in their backyard, apparently dumped there by wanted suspects.

The homeowners say the incident was caught by a caring neighbor who was able to get help before the situation turned ugly. 

Jonathan Nettles says he was out of the house when he got a notification from his Ring doorbell that someone was at the door.

He opened the app to find two North Little Rock Police officers standing outside, asking, “should there be any AR15s lying in your backyard?”

The weapon was discovered by a nameless neighbor, who had seen the object tossed over a fence and decided to investigate. Nettles says he’s glad it was discovered early on, or “it could have been something that turned out really bad.”

Nettles and his family have lived on the street for over a decade. He says the neighborhood is generally quiet, with a few passersbys who come and go.

“We get a lot of traffic through here because it’s close to the Old Mill and close to some of the lakes here in this area,” Nettles says. 

When a good Samaritan called him Saturday morning to say he saw a car pull up to his home and a young man get out and jump the fence, he brushed it off as a family member.

“Maybe it was my son who had left his key,” Nettles thought. It wasn’t until that neighbor checked the backyard that the odd action turned sinister. 

NLRPD told Nettles they were searching for two shooting suspects when they got the call about the found rifle. Officers took the weapon back to headquarters with them, but Nettles is still concerned about what comes next.

“Then you start wondering, are they going to come back for it?” Nettles asked himself, although he believes the suspects would have already returned. 

He adds the actions of the neighbor – who he had seen in passing but never officially met – show the togetherness of the neighborhood, and he’s doing his best to thank him in person.

“For someone that you don’t even know….to make sure your house is ok,” Nettles said. “It just really means a lot.” 

There are no current updates on those shooting victims. 

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