LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The annular solar eclipse was Saturday afternoon and in Little Rock the skies were bright and blue, giving people the perfect view.

Businesses in the soma area are preparing for the total eclipse in April and they said today was a good snippet of what to expect in 2024.

While Johnny Cash’s home state didn’t see a true ring of fire eclipse, Arkansans did see a crescent like shape as the moon went partially in front of the sun. 

 Azura Bores and Renne Giambablo, were out viewing the eclipse.

 “It’s just super cool,” Bores said.

They both watched the eclipse from start to finish in SoMa.  

“I got some glasses, started looking around 11:30 when it was just barely there,” Bores said.

  Saying they’ve always been interested in what happens in the sky.

“Astrology, we love astrology and all the things in the sky,” Giambablo said.

Executive Director of SOMA 501, Elizabeth Michael says SoMa is in the Main Street Arkansas program, which is under the umbrella of Main Street America. making it eligible for a grant from the Simons foundation to go toward eclipse activities.

 “That grant is going to help us have a lot of science-based activities for residents in particular in Soma,” Michael said.

Soma will have a weekend full of fun and businesses like Rock Town Distillery are preparing too. Phil Brandon says they’re coming up with some specialty drinks for the total eclipse.

 “We’ve got tons planned for the soma area, we’re going to have things for the kids, for families, education opportunities about the eclipse,” Brandon said.

Bores is so excited for the eclipse; she even matched it today.

 “I’ve got these earrings a few years ago and I thought they’d be perfect today with the sun and the moon,” Bores said.

 Over 1 million people are expected to be in Arkansas in April.