LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Holidays are deemed the “best time of the year”, but for some families it can be a challenge. 

More than fifty-eight thousand Arkansans struggle with remembering their family, and their families struggle trying to navigate the holidays. 

Alzheimer’s is a cruel disease that shows no mercy to the ones we love. It is a disease where memory and other mental functions are deteriorated.  

The Alzheimer’s Association encourages a conversation with family members about what to expect before cutting the turkey or opening the presents. 

Gigi Gabriel, whose mother who is currently suffering with Alzheimer’s, said “it’s really important to make sure all of the family knows where the loved one is in the disease.” 

Alzheimer’s Arkansas urges people to spend the time with family that you can, while you still can. 

“The reason why you want to be present and available during the holidays — you never know how things may change or progress.” Developmental Director for Alzheimer’s Arkansas, Ricky Williams, said.

Both the Alzheimer’s Association and Alzheimer’s Arkansas want to ensure that all people suffering with the disease or have a loved one with the disease to know that you are not alone.