LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – As some Arkansas students apply for student loans, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge warns students to read the fine print and be cautious of scammers.

“A student loan should be a short-time obligation to give students an opportunity to be successful,” Rutledge said. “Unfortunately, these loans are too often carried over for decades and hold our best and brightest back from making investments or taking risks as entrepreneurs.”

Rutledge gave the following tips for students that are considering taking out a student loan:

  • Make sure you understand your loan
  • Take advantage of the grace period
  • Know your re-payment options
  • Beware of loan consolidation and refinance offers
  • Check your credit report
  • Consider part-time work, work-study and scholarships.

For more information, visit the Arkansas Student Loan Authority website, call 800-443-6030 or visit